Blattner Livestock Equipment


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The "Maverick" is our heavy working line of equipment. Designed to be portable but heavy enough for many permanent installations. This line is built for durability and strength. From the Squeeze Chute to the holding alley, this equipment is tough. All "Maverick" equipment has an overall height of 68" and is built out of nothing less than 14 ga. tubing and sheet iron.


The "Cimarron" line of equipment is our economy line. It has been built to be portable and durable. We have tried to keep the cost down without sacrificing the quality today's cattlemen demand. This panel line has also become very popular with the Equine Industry. The standard for "Cimarron" panels is 6-bar 60" tall. Also available is a 7-bar 69-1/2" tall for those that want a taller panel.


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